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What the Kids are Saying
Four Hours of Real Fun!
Carol Kerridge | El Amigo, asks Del Mar kids to comment on how they see our community.
Ian (9) and Liam (9)

Liam & Ian. Photo Ian’s Mom.
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What could be a better way to start the summer vacation. We went to the Fair together with Ian’s family, and what a fun time we had!

At the Fair there are lots of exciting rides, that was our favorite part. Some of the rides may be scary for younger children, but if you are older, the rides are very thrilling. For example, there is Crazy Mouse, a roller coaster ride where you sit in a little cart and quickly go up, down and around turns. Another example of an awesome ride is Alien Abduction. Alien Abduction is a ride where you go in a fake UFO and it spins around so quickly that it makes it hard to move around. You lean on the wall of the UFO and at random times it brings you up and then you feel like you are falling. It made us feel really happy.

There are many food options including the usual pizza, corn dogs, hamburgers, and hot dogs. But most of the places also sell things like deep fried pizza, deep fried Twinkies, deep fried Oreos, and even deep fried ice cream. We even saw a sign that said “deep fried lemonade.” There are many odd food options too including, Kool Aid chicken wings, chocolate covered bacon, and beer battered chicken. We liked the pizza, ice cream and churros best.

Finally, there are many different games to play. For example, there is a game called Shooting Star. In this game you try to shoot a star and make it so the star is not visible on card that it is on. Liam liked that best, but Ian liked the game called Water Works. In that game you get a water gun and try to shoot all the water into a little hole. Next to the hole there is a tank. When you shoot the water into the hole it all goes into the tank, the first person to fill up their tank wins! At each game there are many different prizes, and they are mostly stuffed animals, but you can sometimes get bicycles, drones, guitars, remote control helicopters, and hoverboards.

The San Diego County Fair is an exciting place to visit. The games are fun, the food is interesting, and the prizes are good, but we both really liked being on the fun and scary rides best of all.

Just don’t eat too many fried Oreos!




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