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Fur Four Legs & Fun
Dog Meets Dog
Lynn Gaylord | Ocean Front

Morning Fun at the Shores. Photo Lynn Gaylord.
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Someone asked me recently why I loved going to the Shores Park with Barley, my dog, especially since I live at the 29th Street beach. Without going into the hassle of having to wash him every time, I thought a little more deeply about my response. The truth is that for one hour a day I have the chance to leave my to-do list at home, get out of my head and busy schedule, and just be in the moment. And how priceless this is. Some can meditate, I take Barley to the Shores! But the question was interesting and I decided to ask a bunch of others at the Shores why they liked it. Here are just a few of the responses and I apologize in advance for editing a few:

“All of our best new friends were made at the Shores!”

“We get a sense of community there not available at other dog parks where most folks are strangers.”

“Not only are dogs a man’s best friends but they are great at helping their humans make people friends!”

“We love the spirited conversations and caring relationships that not only jumpstart our day but also root us in our community.”

“Teddy and I start our day at the Shores. It’s an hour of fun for Teddy to play with his dog pals and I get to chat with the other owners.”

“We love watching the dogs getting to be dogs: running, chasing, retrieving, sniffing, socializing, and eventually plopping down in exhaustion.”

“Tate has 4 directions he can go when we go outside: the beach, the bluffs, the car, or the Shores. He always heads to the Shores!”

“With all the playing and socializing, the Shores makes our dogs better dogs and our people better people. It is a place of love, and therefore a holy place for me.”

“My mother is 95-years old. Not many things bring a smile to her face anymore. It brings me so much happiness to see how much joy she gets out of watching Olie and the other dogs play.”

So, grab your leash and come on down to the Shores. Hours are every morning until 8:30 am and Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays from 3:30 pm until dusk. It’s all about WOOF! or Wonderful Open-air Off-leash Fun.




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