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Project Approved 8 to 1 Monday, June 28
Ann Gardner | Via Latina

The New One Paseo project was approved by a vote of 8 to 1, with Sherri Lightner the one member voting against it.

Many members of the public spoke in opposition to a project that is still much larger than allowed by the original community plan. Many more favored approval, in some cases requesting a greater percentage of housing to be affordable, or for monitoring by City staff to guarantee emergency services that meet City standards.

Sherri Lightner had some pointed questions for Kilroy. Kilroy committed to work with the Torrey Pines Community Planning Board on the 10-intersection synchronized traffic signal system beginning in that community. However, they declined to restore the larger system originally proposed covering 45 intersections and similarly declined to increase the affordable housing level above10%.
Marti Emerald spoke forcefully about the failure of the City to provide an adequate level of emergency service, noting that at least two additional fire stations are needed in Torrey Hills and Torrey Pines to bring service up to national standards. She urged Kilroy to coordinate with City staff who are testing GPS pre-emption systems to see if in fact they really make a difference in public safety.
Other Council members all praised the process of community involvement, noting that no solution is perfect.





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