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City Hall
The Key to the City
Nancy Fisher | 24th Street

Mayor Parks adds her two cents to a planning meeting in the temporary Council Chambers with Scott Huth, Tracy Elliot-Yawn, and Kathy Garcia. Photos Nancy Fisher.
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In our latest stab at serious investigative reporting, the Sandpiper decided to snoop around the new, but temporary, City Hall to see how things are going. We’d heard no gushing enthusiasm, but no postal rants either, so we asked Mayor Sherryl Parks to help us out with a guided tour. She graciously showed us around the temporary space, located at the South Fair Complex at 2010 Jimmy Durante Boulevard.

First up, the planning and finance departments finally share a space above ground, so residents don’t have to spelunk to pay a bill. Downside is that the air conditioning is spotty to nonexistent in this part of the building. Appreciated by all is the larger space, more counter room, natural light, and air flow.

The bathrooms at the old City Hall were always a source of amusement. Built originally for the Saint James Academy, and only barely remodeled in 1973, they still had the ambience of a place you’d be caught smoking or examining a pimple – plus they were a hike from the main offices and required a key. But as Mayor Parks tried to open the door to the current ladies room, a city employee approached and announced that “you still need a key to pee.” Adding, “once you get in, though, they’re nicer!”

Everyone seems to agree that the Council Chambers are the silver lining. Spacious, bright, and cool, we saw city employees conducting a meeting there instead of in their more cramped quarters upstairs. And those who worked diligently on choosing the least expensive, yet functional, option for the relocation seem satisfied that they’ve found the right space to wait two years for their shiny new Civic Center.

Diane Foote and Chris Alvarez presiding over the technology.
Mayor Parks with Ashley Jones, newly hired Administrative Services Director.
Jon Terwilliger, Senior Management Analyst, making the most of the slightly-better kitchen.
Key to Relief.





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