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Del Mar Takes a Stand for Gun Safety
Rose Ann Sharp | Crest Road

National Gun Violence Awareness Day, June 2, 2016
at CDM and DMH.  Photo Art Olson.
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Standing at the intersection of CDM and DMH on June 2nd, National Gun Violence Awareness Day from 7 am until 8 am, dressed in orange waving a sign at traffic is much easier than standing in line to give blood after the Orlando mass killing of 49 people. Standing in line to pay your respects to a friend or relative at a memorial is even harder. Watching the U.S. Senate stand and vote in Party lines and vote down gun violence prevention bills is unbelievable when 90% of the population desires common sense protection from gun violence.

After the killings in San Bernadino last December, a group of Del Mar leaders met to say ENOUGH! We met with our local government officials, gathered information from national organizations and the local police, and now we are organizing a grass roots effort to vote out those politicians who do not share our concern for gun violence protection and to take action at the local level to bring gun safety to Del Mar.

When we stood in line dressed in orange, the color hunters use to protect themselves against being shot by fellow hunters, on June 2, over 200 cars passed by us. Most waved or honked, only two gave us a thumbs down and the kids leaned out of their cars and waved enthusiastically in support. Their parents get it when they check to see if the play date will be in a gun free home, the kids get it when they practice lock down at school, the police get it when they practice mass emergency drills, the National Alliance of Mental Health gets it. Now the LGBT community which is 1/3 of the voting population has reason to get involved. Change will come whether it is by changing those in Congress or by states taking the initiatives like Connecticut and New York. In the meantime, the rate of larger mass shootings has escalated from one every six months to one every two months.

Where will you be in two months and what will you have done to change the political will to make us a civilized nation again? As Cory Booker stated: people have greater power than the power of the people in power. If you want to become involved in a way that you feel comfortable, email us at: DMGSM16@gmail.com.

If you want to stand in a line for Del Mar, join our town’s group standing in line on July 9 from 10:30 to noon outside the gun show at the Fairgrounds with signs naming all the cities where there have been mass shootings. Send your contact information to our website above or just show up.

Fortunately we Californians will have a ballot opportunity in November to vote for a gun safety measure initiated by Lieutenant Gavin Newsom (sign up at www.safetyforall.com).

People power can make a difference.





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