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What the Kids Are Saying!
Wouldn’t It Be Fun...
Carol Kerridge | El Amigo, asks Del Mar kids to comment on how they see our community. James (8) and Liam (9) interview each other.

Roving Kid Reporters James (8) and Liam (9) discuss the
Shores Park draft plan. Photo Carol Kerridge.
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James: “Liam and I met during rugby season and sometimes see each other with our dogs at the Shores Park. The Shores Park is a fun, multipurpose place where dogs can run around, kids can play and people can enjoy being outside together,” says James.

James continues, “We have some suggestions that the park could do in the remodeling process. We both agree that it would be important to have a full basketball court and a baseball field that could be used for soccer and rugby (with reasonable size goals). It would also be fun to have a handball wall and a 4-square court where we could play different games. We both like the idea of a bocce ball court too! These games and activities could be done by both girls and boys.”

Liam strongly agrees and adds, “James and I are interested in making the Shores Park a place where kids will ask their mom, ‘Can we go to the park and play?’. James and I are looking forward to playing at California’s greatest Park.”



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