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Farm to Shores
Farmers Market Finds a New Temp Home at Shores Park
Leslie Robson | Lois Lane

Aerial view of Shores Park. The new location for the Farmers’ Market is outlined in black. Graphic courtesy City of Del Mar.
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Now that the long awaited construction of the new City Hall and Civic Center is coming to fruition, the Farmers Market will be relocating to the Upper Shores Park (basketball court), just South of the Del Mar Community Building. Thirty years ago, the second oldest Farmers Market in San Diego County was created by a handful of Del Mar women to fill the needs left empty by the closing of Boney’s market. Fresh produce and food stuffs have been sold in the parking lot every Saturday since 1986.

City staff worked with the Board of Directors of the Farmers Market over many months to secure an appropriate venue for the market. Many sites were evaluated, but none met the needed criteria as well as the Shores property. The Shores offered an adequate amount of space for vendors and ample parking. The Del Mar Foundation and Del Mar Community Connections, as well as The Winston School, tenants of the Shores Park property, were involved in very friendly and productive discussions in the agreement to temporarily move the Farmer Market. The Planning commission and City Council both approved the temporary relocation applications.

The Del Mar Farmers Market looks forward to continuing to offer the same beautiful, quality produce and food to the citizens and guests of Del Mar at the new location: 225 9th Street.



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