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PASEO Skips Planning
Ann Gardner | Via Latina

The reduced One Paseo Project planned for the intersection of Del Mar Heights and El Camino Real just east of I-5 will bypass the San Diego Planning Commission and go directly to City Council for public input and Council consideration on Monday, June 27. Council Chair Sherri Lightner explained that is was “highly unusual for a land use project of this magnitude to bypass the Planning Commission.“ But, she explained in a letter to the Carmel Valley Planning Group, it was necessary due to “unresolvable” conflicts of interest involving four of the seven Planning Commissioners. The Council meeting will begin at 1 p.m. in Golden Hall adjacent to City Hall at 202 C Street; it is anticipated speakers will have two minutes each to comment on the project.

Evidently one of the Commissioners who heard the original project in 2014 declared a “personal conflict of interest” and a new appointment to the Commission declared a financial conflict of interest. Along with the two additional Commissioners who had declared a conflict for the 2014 hearing, the seven-member Commission apparently now lacks the necessary quorum.

Plans for a reduced project were submitted to the City after a successful referendum drive in 2015 caused the City Council to rescind its 7-2 (Lightner and Vice Chair Marti Emerald voted no) approval of the original, larger project in 2014. Traffic generated by the larger project was cut significantly and the redesigned project went back to the Planning Board for approval in January 2016. Despite a split vote (5- 5) by the Carmel Valley Planning Board, Kilroy Realty decided to proceed with submitting the “New One Paseo Project” to the City. On April 28th the Board unanimously supported moving the reduced project forward, as one community speaker said, “in all fairness to the developer.”


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