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Coming Around
Jeff Barnouw | Amphitheatre Drive

The city is working on the Final Engineering Design of the roundabout at the intersection of Jimmy Durante Boulevard and San Dieguito Drive. If approved by the City Council, it will go out for bids in June or July. The start of construction is anticipated in September or October.

With the long-term temporary relocation of the City offices to Southfair in early June, this will make for a busy stretch of road. Just a bit further north along the same stretch the second phase of the wetlands restoration of the former South Overflow Lot will be converging with the roundabout in its timeline. After delays owing both to natural and to human activity, like nesting season and the annual Del Mar Fair, construction is now scheduled to begin in September or October.

The contract has been awarded to the familiar Marathon Construction, which worked on the Southern California Edison major restoration of the lagoon and the surrounding wetlands to the east. The volunteer work of dismantling a bit over half the Boardwalk and salvaging the planks will fall into the same time frame, September or October. But stay tuned because we’re talking about the future.



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