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Crime Seen Investigation
Del Mar does not have much crime ..... or do we?
Jim Benedict | Christie Lane


Each week the Sheriff provides a report on his Department’s activity in Del Mar.  The average number of incidences in a typical week is about 8 or 9. This report appears in our City Manager’s report each week. Not really much crime in our little city.

But is this the whole story?
Sorry to say, no. In fact, way off the actual criminal activity in Del Mar.
In 2015 the Sheriff’s 911 audit showed 1,871 incidences that they responded to in Del Mar. When asked why the list provided was so small compared to the actual activity, the Captain said that the weekly list provided is only the ones that a detective responds to and have a case number. So the actual crime activity is understated by an additional 28 incidences per week!

And it gets worse. The Ranger’s activities are not integrated into the Sheriff’s report, either. The Ranger has about 10-15 incidences on average each week that do not get reported. There is about a 20% overlap, so we are short about 8 – 12 incidences handled by the Ranger.

So when you see our Sheriff’s activity at around 8 or 9 you would say – hey, not too much crime in our fair city. But actually 46 – 53 incidences per week occur.
And if you want to put our city’s crime rate in perspective with the rest of the county, here are other fun-facts. The City of Del Mar has the highest “property” crime rate of all cities in the county per 1,000 population. Over twice that of Solana Beach and Encinitas. AND we are second to National City on “violent” crime rate per 1,000 population of all the cities in the county.*

Maybe our city should look at better public safety solutions?

* Sandag Thirty-five Years of Crime Report 1980 – 2014.
Sandag Thirty-five Years of Crime Report 1980 – 2014.



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