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Locavores’ Delight
Alliums Shine
Di Holker | Coast Boulevard

Photo Di Holker.
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  • Shop Alliums at the Farmers Market * they are best in the spring!!!!
  • White Onions * sharp variety that’s best chopped or sliced raw into salads....great in soups and dips.
  • Red Onions *Usually raw or pickled for a pop of flavor and color. When slow roasted, they taste like candy.
  • Shallots * Super Delicious and super versatile! Chop into marinades; slice thin and shallow-fry for salads or roast whole with skin for an easy side dish.
  • Scallions * Slice on bias to finish noodles with something fresh, or toss into slaw. They are also great charred whole on the grill.
  • Leeks * Delicate flavors come out when slowly cooked. Remove the think green leaves and slice white and pale- green parts into a gratin.
  • Green Garlic * It’s less intense than grown-up garlic. Stir into soft-scrambled eggs or sautéed veg to take its edge off.
  • Spring Onions * A young allium with a tiny bulb and a tender stalk. Slice paper-thin and enjoy raw, or quarter and caramelize in the oven.
  • Ramps * Technically a wild leek. Roast or grill to bring out fragrant garlic notes, then serve with ricotta as a luxe toast topper.

Garlic, onions, leeks and scallions are some of the most versatile, wonderfully flavorful things we cook. But, they’re often hidden in a braise or buried in a pot of stew. Isn’t it time we let the Allium Family shine? Learn how to pickle, char, roast and prepare them for a crunchy spring salad with buttery pasta and your “new” favorite chicken.


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