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Viewpoint Watermark:
Tracy Martinez | David Way

This letter is in response to the “Community Conversations” written by Bud Emerson regarding Watermark Yay Commentary. Mr. Emerson states that “a Specific Plan process requires the applicants to provide a great more detail about the plan than would be required with a simple rezoning”. What he doesn’t say is that a Specific Plan allows the developer to bypass the city building codes such as setback, density (F.A.R.) and height limits among other things. He states that a commercial building would have more traffic than the Watermark development. I find that hard to believe, since the proposed 48-unit housing project of studio, 1,2,3 bedroom units would have 24/7 cars, visitors, trash, postal utility, pool, gardening services and visitor vehicles, not to mention massive 24-hour lighting and noise that would surely have a negative effect of the protected lagoon. He also continues on by scare tactics of “legal liability” of non-compliance of the state certified Housing Element of our Community Plan. There are numerous cities in California struggling with needing more time with this issue and no one has gone to jail or had their city taken over by the government yet. Furthermore, there are other possible solutions other than this high density development, that negatively impacts residents in the area and violates the character, building codes and standards of our beautiful beach village. Lastly, is his statement about the “preservation of the natural vegetation”. The five large Torrey Pine trees on the lot would be cut down! I verified this with Watermark staff in the tent meeting and the L’Auberge meeting that I attended. The iconic hillside bluff will have apartment buildings build on them! And since when are courtyards, patios and walkways counted as open space?

The permitted uses in North County Commercial Zone Chapter 30.24.010 states “The NC Zone is designated to allow commercial activities that provide a service to the community. The development in the NC Zone shall be of low intensity and profile, offering a lively open air commercial environment and substantial open space. (Ord.622, Ord.718, Ord 888) Revised November 2013.
How Does Watermark meet these criteria?


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