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Viewpoint Watermark:
Jim Benedict | Christie Lane

Petitions are circulating to take the Watermark project to a community wide vote. If the petitioners get the required 10% of all voters to sign the petition then it will go on the ballot – end of story.

BUT, if they do not get the required amount I would ask that we NOT go to a vote and move forward with the project.

The goal of the Anti-Watermark folks is very clear – kill the project.
They want the project to be just 28 units which is not economically feasible for the developer. The property, without proper council management, will then continue to be an eyesore instead of an asset in multiple ways for our community. We don’t need another Garden Project weed patch in our city.

As a neighbor to this site I say let’s move forward prudently to help enhance the northern gateway to our community.



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