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Roving Kid Reporters
Carol Kerridge | El Amigo will be asking Del Mar kids to write or comment on how they see our community. Author of this month’s piece James, age 8.

James 8. Photo by James’s mom.
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I love football but it seems like it is getting more and more dangerous. Many players are getting head injuries which are called concussions. A concussion is like a bruise in your brain.

Another common thing that football players do is play when they already have an injury which can make the injury even worse.

Some kids play Pop Warner football (a tackle game) and don’t use the right equipment. An example would be wearing helmets that crack easily or in not using enough shoulder padding. Those choices can cause injuries.
I interviewed my Grandpa, Brian Sipe who used to play pro football and was the Quarterback for the Cleveland Browns. I asked him what could be done to make football more safe. He said, “Ball carriers shouldn’t be allowed to put their heads down and ram the defensive players with their heads.” He also said, “Defensive players should tackle under the chest, lower by the waist, and to wrap their arms around the ball carriers instead of just body slamming.”

I bet if some simple changes in the rules would happen there would not be as many injuries.


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