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EDITORIAL: Little Engine that Could

As a small community of 4,000 plus we have much to be proud of.
After decades of fear mongering that little Del Mar could not succeed financially, we enjoy one of the highest financial ratings of any city in California. Guided by our Community Plan we have created a small town with character that we enjoy and has produced property values that are much higher than most other cities.
Our work continues. We utilize a very broad and open network of volunteers on numerous committees, all funneling recommendations to our City Council for debate, hearings, workshops, staff review, and final adoption. Our agendas are always full. Our debates are vigorous. Our accomplishments are many.

Over the decades we have surrounded ourselves with a green belt of preserved open spaces once headed for development. We have reinvigorated a lagoon ecosystem that stretches many miles into the back country. More recently we have invested in major sewer and water infrastructure systems and renovated the bridge on the south end of town. We bought and paid for ocean front parks used by many in the region, including our attractive Powerhouse Community Center. We have preserved and protected a long pristine beach used by thousands from all over the world. We acquired and preserved a building for our library and a few years ago we acquired the old Shores school property to repurpose as another park.

On today’s to-do agenda we are finalizing a long overdue civic center, reviewing designs for our new Shores Park, connecting sidewalks along Jimmy Durante and Via de la Valle and downtown, strategizing a comprehensive Climate Action Plan.
Other big items on today’s agenda for debate and decision include review of a new residential neighborhood with some affordable housing units, evaluation of improved law enforcement service systems, development of a strategy for undergrounding all utility poles, analysis of the threat of sea level rise from global climate change, preservation of our tree canopy, use of living soil in our parks, development of citizen skills for productive civic discourse, and much much more.
Building and preserving a community requires many hands, not the least of which is our very talented, dedicated crew of city staff members. In addition to all of the above “getting better” projects, our staff manages all of the day-to-day operational demands that keep the engines running smoothly. Hopefully we can keep our ambitions under control enough to prevent staff overload and burnout.
In times when many feel distant from their government, we Delmarians can feel fortunate that we have the keys to our town, empowering us to preserve and protect the quality of our lives.



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