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Ad Hoc To Do List
Bud Emerson | Klish Way

The Citizens Ad Hoc Committee studying the design review process has finished the first phase of its work. After many months of public hearings and workshops the committee has finalized an intial list of problems and concerns that are considered non contentious, and which can be addressed in the short term. Each of the topics below will be considered in depth by subcommittees who will propose recommendations for improvement. (see our website for the complete list of subcommittee assignments).

Ad Hoc assignments:

• Communication, transparency, and public understanding of how the DRB works

• Improving on-line content and access to Design Review information
• Sufficient procedural timing for adequate input and review of project issues prior to DRB hearing

• Reducing subjectivity in the design review process

• Improving consistency and standardization of DRB submittal requirements

• Focusing DRB deliberations on consistency with the DROs

• Improving the functioning of the CPP process

• Improving the training and continuing education of the DRB

• Utilizing the expertise of former DRB boardmembers and ex-officio members



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