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Kim Ramsey
Shannon Hogan Cohen | Luneta Drive

Kim Ramsey. Courtesy DMCC.
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The abbreviation DMCC is a recognizable asset in our community together with what the organization offers is familiar to many. Founded in 1999, Del Mar Community Connections provides numerous services and activities for golden-agers, people with disabilities and other City of Del Mar residents. It has become a hub for social seniors by hosting events and education.

As you walk into their quaint facility, which is nestled beneath the lush green canopy of eucalyptus and pepper trees on 9th Street, Kim Ramsey will likely be one of the first faces to greet you. This go-to-gal has been the Program Assistant at DMCC for almost two years.

Kim, who grew up in Alameda, used to visit Del Mar with her family as a child. This piqued her interest in Southern California. She attended San Diego State University where she received her bachelor’s degree in marketing. During her junior year at SDSU, Kim interned with the Del Mar Village Association for one year. Her talents were showcased coordinating events and social media. A week before graduation, she saw a job opening for Program Assistant at DMCC and the rest is history.

Jenelle Zingg, DMCC’s Program Director resigned in December 2015, which left Kim to manage multiple responsibilities. Joanne Morgenthal took over as the new Program Director in March. This freed up time for Kim to relish her favorite part of the job which is interacting with the seniors. She delights in the cross generational mentoring. “Their stories teach me many things about life and what to prepare for, she says with a smile. “These seniors have a lust for learning which is inspirational.”

What would Kim like to see at DMCC in the future? “It would be helpful to have an on-site space for exercise programs. There are classes available, but they are off-site. The convenience of having our attendees practicing qigong, yoga, tai chi and other active adult fitness programs on the premises would be fantastic.”
Kim’s hobbies include hanging at the beach, travelling with her girlfriends, hiking, and discovering budding, new breweries around San Diego. When I asked her if she had any favorite restaurants in the Del Mar Village, she kindly invited me to join her for an egg salad sandwich at Café Secret for lunch. Kim encourages visitors to stop by Del Mar Community Connections to learn more and to check out their calendar. More information can be found on their website at www.dmcc.cc.
DMCC – for the young, the old and everyone in between!



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