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What the Kids Are Saying!
Carol Kerridge | El Amigo, will be asking Del Mar kids to write or comment on how they see our community. Author of this piece is James, age 8.

Most people in Del Mar like going to the beach. We took a small survey of kids and asked them what they like to do in Del Mar besides going to the beach. Here are results of four kids.

The first reply we got was from Will, age 10 who said, “I like to play basketball at the Shores Park.” Then we got a reply from Anna, age 7 who said, “I like to walk to Urban Girl and buy old-fashioned candy.” After that we got a reply from Harlan, age 9 who said, “I like to play with my friends, skate and surf.” Finally, we heard from Marlee, age 7 who said, “I like to take walks on the bluffs with my family. So as you can see, the kids of Del Mar like many things in addition to going to the beach

Harlan (9)
  Will (10)

Photos by the Moms.  Click on images to enlarge

Anna (7)   Marlee (7)



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