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Watermark Nay
Pipe Up
D. B. Shelton | Sea View Avenue

One day before long, beautiful homes like those near I-5 on San Dieguito Drive, the fine homes along Jimmy Durante and in the Heather Lane/Sea View/Luzon extended area will all converge at this corner. Hopefully, the SouthFair architecture will extend to or fill the corner on the West side of Jimmy Durante. It is very important that the corner be “Del Mar.”

If the corner is to be residential whether individual homes, condos, townhomes, I favor architecture similar to Del Mar Woods, the Dominy jewel between Court and 23rd St on CDM. the two homes on the SW and NW corners of 27th/CDM, the Beach Colonies Townhomes at the bridge/CDM, the various Del Mar Dean Merideth designs. No Flats (people living under and over each other), no property line to property line chock-a-block proliferation like Watermark threatening the landscape behind it.

If the corner is to be commercial. I favor a lesser sized version of Southfair architecture.

I go back to 1953 in Del Mar both as a bachelor and family man, renter and owner - on the beach, Luzon, Crest, 15th St, and now 1862 Sea View. I served on committees to help the Plaza and Auberge Hotel get approved.

Watermark does not cut the mustard and should be rejected.



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