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Law Enforcement Options
Dave Druker | 10th Street

City of Del Mar: Sheriff Sub-Committee Report, March 2016.
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In 2013, the city hired the consulting firm of Ralph Anderson and Associates to perform a study of the deputy sheriff services and determine if there were a more cost effective means to provide better services. Recently, the city hired the same firm to update their analysis.

In summary, the updated study found that the annual cost of Del Mar having its own police force would be commensurate with the cost of the Sheriff contract at little over $2 million. There would be some unknown costs of liability and workers’ compensation that could make Del Mar’s own police force become more expensive in the future. The major cost, though, would be the cost to set up a police force as people would need to be hired prior to the Sheriff contract being terminated, the cost of finding or building a facility and the cost of equipment. The ability to use SDSU as our dispatch was identified and could provide a good value for the cost.

The report did not recommend that Del Mar embark upon creating its own police department. Instead it recommended that Del Mar determine whether police presence or response to priority 3 and 4 calls was more important. Priority 3 or 4 calls include: accident, minor injuries, drag racing, DUI, prowler, petty theft, disturbance, forgery, trespass. The current response time runs from 14 to 55 minutes.

In turn, the consultants provided two options. If Del Mar would like more police presence then it should hire its own Community Service Officers. This would cost the city about $65,000 per year. These Community Service Officers would work on a part-time basis and would work under parking enforcement. These officers would have the ability to assist with municipal code violations and be under control of city personnel.

If Del Mar would like to have better response time to Priority 3 or 4 calls, then the city should hire Community Services Officer from the Deputy Sheriff. This would cost the city about $121,000 per year. This officer would not be under direct control of city personnel.



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