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PIPE UP: Vandalism in the Village
Jim Donovan | Camino Del Mar

Kudos to the Sandpiper and Shannon Hogan Cohen for exposing the vandalism that has reached epidemic proportions here. The article’s photo examples and the defacing make the source obvious: these are criminals who take delight in tagging street signs at 3 to 4 am, the only difference being the target is now cars and other property whenever they can do so in relative seclusion. And the damage is usually far more serious than spray paint.

My pristine 1989 Mercedes 560-SL show car which until Feb. 21 looked exactly as it did in 1989, not a scratch on it after 50,000 miles because it has been so meticulously maintained, while parked in an assigned space in the L’Auberge Hotel, was viciously keyed across the driver’s side twice and the trunk and hood from top to bottom around the F word in the center. But the stunner is that my report to the Sheriff’s Office elicited no action. The sheriff who came to my door refused to even look at my car; all he said was that a police report was unnecessary because “this is entirely between you and your insurance company.” I was stunned!

I was heartened, however, by Ms. Cohen’s mention of a Deputy Lovato who apparently understood the seriousness of what has been going on and advised readers what to do when such incidents occur, including an (858) number to call immediately. So I called Deputy Lovato but after countless pleas to him to call me, I am still nowhere. What has happened to the peaceful and always safe Del Mar Village we used to know?



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