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Vandalism in the Village
Shannon Hogan Cohen | Luneta Drive

Vandalism to Prius.
Photo Nathan Hunter.
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Del Mar has experienced numerous incidents of vandalism in the past two months, bringing challenges to local residents, business owners and law enforcement. This absurd behavior has taken a variety of forms including windows broken, park benches and trash receptacles defaced, Little Libraries knocked down, car rooftops bashed in, together with mirrors kicked off, and local businesses disrupted.

I personally have witnessed mischievous teens damaging public property on 15th and Luneta. I’ve also seen them causing commotion in Smash Burger. There have been too many accounts of vandalism in the village and it needs to stop. As people who care about others and our community it is up to us to create the environment we want to live in.

It is vital to take the “see something, say something” approach. Fellow citizen Nathan Hunter reached out with a letter to his neighbors letting them know his Prius and many other cars on Coast Boulevard were vandalized. He wanted to raise awareness in hopes of stopping the individuals, and increasing the vigilance of those nearby.

Vandalism to park bench.
Photo Shannon Hogan Cohen.
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Vandalism plagues almost every community in the country. By working together with citizens, local law enforcement agencies can develop creative and effective solutions to these disturbances. I recently had a conversation with Deputy Lovato from the Encinitas Sheriff’s Department. He encourages local citizens to be vigilant and offers the following tips:

• If you see anyone committing vandalism, immediately call dispatch at (858) 565-5200 and a local deputy will come out to handle the issue.

• Report vandalism right away, never take action on your own. If you prefer, you can always anonymously report incidents and give tips about the vandals.
• Do not delay the call – it is best to contact dispatch ASAP.

• Provide as many details as possible: number of people involved, color of clothing, and last location. The more specific the better.

• Educate young people about the costs of vandalism.

• Be patient. Law enforcement officials are doing the best they can to provide timely service.



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