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Nineteen Secret Paths
Linda and Frank Chisari | Crest Road

Nick Chisari and Beau on Gunther’s Alley
Path #3 snipped from his video.
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Click here for the video.

Nick Chisari, our grandson, is an energetic 16 year-old who has loved California since he was a little boy and he and his family visited us one sunny February from their home in snowy New York. Whenever he visits us, we take long walks around town and his dad, our son Josh, shows him some of the ‘shortcuts’ he learned as a child growing up here. Several years ago, grandma Linda, as a member of Parks and Rec, was visiting some of our public paths to assess their condition and determine whether any action needed to be taken by the city to keep them safe for residents. Nick accompanied her on a few walks and was fascinated by the vegetation and geological uniqueness of each path.

When he visited us again last Fall, he came with a plan: he wanted to walk ALL of the ‘secret’ public paths in Del Mar and make a video. He had already used Google to find and print the online map of our paths and was ready to go, map in hand. He easily convinced his dad, Josh, and our golden retriever, Beau, to accompany him. This scouting party spent an entire day, finding and walking the paths, stopping only to refuel with lunch midday when they were joined by his granddad, Frank, for the afternoon. Within an hour of returning home at the end of the day, Nick had made his video and set it to music!

Here is the website for Nick’s video: www.youtube.com/watch?v=rfF-zp4PSww

The Chisari family in Vermont.
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