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Taking Care
Anthony Corso | Stratford Court

Del Mar Community Connections recently sponsored two presentations in their “Quality of Life Series.” The first was “Healthy Heart,” and the second was “Professional Care Managers” a relatively new profession designed to provide medical services as an adjunct to physicians, pharmacists, and lawyers.

Dr. Mark Kalina discussed the subject of “healthy hearts.” A physician at the Integrative Health Center of La Jolla, he is also a monthly presenter of medical subjects at DMCC. For this presentation he discussed nutrition, exercise, and medication.

Heart attacks, caused by arterial blockages, are associated with diets high in refined sugars and hydrogenated fats, so Dr. Kalina emphasized the importance of diets based on fruits, vegetables and lean proteins. Reversal of these blockages can occur following adoption of this diet.

At least 15 minutes of regular exercise per day contributes to a healthy heart, but it needn’t be strenuous. One of the best exercises for adults is walking, and Dr. Kalina believes that walking with friends (engaging with others in the community) is even more beneficial. Many medications reduce cholesterol and decrease heart artery blockages and should be personalized to each individual’s needs with the advice of a physician.

The second topic, “Professional Care Managers,” addressed the issue of adequate care for the sick and/or elderly. This was the focus of Ms. Parzen’s presentation on February 21st.

Margutite Riley Parzen RN is a certified Gerontological Nurse licensed to practice in California and New York. With over 10 years’ experience in geriatric medicine she is the founder of Boutique Care Management, an organization involved in all aspects of geriatric medicine ranging from memory impairment to end of life care. She described the growing field of care management in terms of some of the activities in which they engage and render assistance to families and their loved ones, including regular visits and providing round-the-clock support when needed. They also assist with insurance issues and serve as a liaison with medical, social, and psychiatric professionals.

Nurse Parzen expects that the field of professional care managers will continue to grow as medicine becomes more complicated and families search for help in providing adequate care.


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