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Surprising Seniors
Nancy Fisher | 24th Street

Most residents know that Del Mar is bursting at the seams with support for our seniors, but the Sandpiper decided to do a fun reality check. If money wasn’t an issue, we asked, what would be on your no-holds-barred wish list? What would bring you joy or relieve stress? And to get the juices flowing we suggested a range of services from an in-home hair cut or pedicure to a fund that would help pay for a portable defibrillator or supplement dental insurance.

Surprisingly many passed on the in-home pampering, offering that “most of us who can get out to take care of haircuts, etc., enjoy getting out.” All were onboard with financial assistance for hearing aids, prosthetic devices, glasses, and defibrillators, as long as it “didn’t tread on the toes of Medicare,” and also wished for a loaner supply of wheel chairs, canes, and other small medical aids. The Sandpiper spoke with Kim Ramsey of Del Mar Community Connections, and learned that they indeed offer this service, loaning wheelchairs, walkers, canes, and crutches for as long as needed.

Rounding out the list were two wishes - inexpensive delivery of take-out meals, since few restaurants offer it and private delivery service can be costly, and help with downsizing. “I’d love to have someone help me divide my belongings into keep, throw, or decide later.”

The touching lesson learned by us is that our seniors mostly just wish they had enough support to continue doing the things they’ve always loved, as so beautifully expressed by Del Mar’s Carol Mason.

“One thing I really miss is giving parties. So in my fantasy a shiny RV, like a candidate’s van, pulls up and out tumbles the string quartet, the four course delicious food, my silver miraculously polished, and oh, the great flower arrangements! After a very little hustle and bustle, I find myself listening to my friends’ witty provocative conversation at my beautifully appointed table and as my friends laugh and enjoy each other’s company, the music of Mozart sings from the balcony. Well, you get the idea. I’ve been watching too many PBS commercials.”


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