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Sunset Toast
Shirley King | Avenida Primavera

February 10th marks the onset of spring for the Avenida Primavera neighborhood. Yes, a little early but as reliable as Ground Hog’s Day. That is the day when the sun on its path northward sets squarely down the center of Avenida Primavera. Neighbors from the adjacent streets gather at the intersection with Forest Way to salute the sun’s annual alignment by toasting one another and sharing a smorgasbord of snacks. This heartwarming ritual was energized through the years by our beloved neighbor Garry Shirts after whose death this rite of spring has transferred to the dependable hands of Jennifer and Steven McDowell. And to greet everyone on February 10th are the strikingly tall daffodils under the 40-year-old Flowering Pear tree in full blossom at Garry’s house so expertly tended by his wife, Cozette. This Del Mar neighborhood has its own timetable for Spring. has its own timetable for Spring.

Primavera neighbors’ annual sunset toast. Photo Art Olson.
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40-year-old  Flowering Plum Tree with tall daffodils.  Photo Art Olson.



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