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Excerpted from City Manager Scott Huth Report

Del Mar is under construction! If you’ve driven around town recently, you’ve likely seen the many capital improvement projects that are underway to make Del Mar a safer, more enjoyable, and more sustainable community. The City thanks you for your patience during the course of these projects.

Sewer Water and Arterial Paving Project (SWAP)
The City’s contractor will continue installing a recycled water main westerly along Via de la Valle towards Camino del Mar. Additionally, potholing for the new wastewater pipeline will continue along Camino del Mar. Construction of retaining walls and sidewalks on Via de la Valle will also continue in the coming weeks.
Coast Boulevard Pedestrian Crossings Project

The City’s contractor will place concrete sidewalk, curb, and gutter adjacent to the new pedestrian crossings along Coast Boulevard near the Powerhouse Community Center and Powerhouse Park. This work may require temporary, one-way road closures.

Anderson Canyon Emergency Slope Repair Project
The City’s contractor will continue re-building the embankment and installing the slope stabilization system. The repairs are estimated to be completed in April 2016.

River Path Del Mar Extension Project
The City’s contractor is working on Improvements including a decomposed granite path, fencing, irrigation system, and planting. Construction to be completed by the end of May, with a ribbon-cutting ceremony to follow. Pedestrian access to the area will be limited during construction.

Powerhouse Community Center Restroom Remodel
The Powerhouse Community Center restroom remodel project will begin on Monday, March 7th including repair of the exterior/upper decking above the restrooms. Temporary protection measures will be installed as improvements are made to this vital community resource.



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