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Bud Emerson | Klish Way

In late January, the project review and community outreach process for Watermark Del Mar kicked off with two Community Participation Program (CPP) meetings. Held on the project site at the corner of Jimmy Durante Boulevard and San Dieguito Drive. these meetings featured project plans, renderings, elevations, and a computer-simulated video of the project. About 100 people attended .

“We were very pleased that so many people turned out to learn more about the project, and that there was such a positive reaction,” said local resident and developer Tony Cassolato. “Nearly everyone that attended expressed support for residential on this site and the design was very well-received.”

The city asked for a Specific Plan application instead of rezoning the lot so there would be more specifics to review. Their submission includes 48-home multi-family residences with a variety of home sizes to meet a diverse range of housing needs. They plan to sell most of the homes at market rate, with seven of the 48 homes proposed as affordable housing. Cassolato says “the homes will be built to exceptional high-quality, for-sale standards.” Parking will be accommodated in an underground garage, concealed from view.

The Housing Element of the Community Plan designates the site for future residential development at 20 to 25 units per acre. The proposed project is 20.5 units per acre.

Along San Dieguito Drive, existing wetlands will be preserved and an additional 50-foot buffer will create open space of approximately 0.5 acres, or 21 percent of the site area.

A report summarizing the comments received along with responses was submitted to the City and all participants in the CPP meetings. See them at WatermarkDelMar.com/documents.

“We’ve made a significant effort to seek community input on the project and reflect that input in the design,” said Cassolato. “The density has been reduced from previous designs of 57 units and 54 units, and our project will generate significantly less traffic than the Riverview Office Complex currently approved for the site.”

Three additional public workshops focusing on elements of the project will be scheduled in the coming months and details will be available on the Sandpiper web site as well as WatermarkDelMar.com.
In future issues the Sandpiper will solicit opinion pieces from proponents and opponents of this proposed project.



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