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Fair White Hole
Dwight Worden | City Council Member

I have been advocating for years that Del Mar needs to adopt Local Coastal Plan (LCP) provisions applicable to the fairgrounds. While our city’s ability to impose zoning on state property is limited, state property is subject to the Coastal Act, and Coastal Permits are issued by the City upon LCP certification. Now, the city issues Coastal Development Permit (CDPs) throughout the city, but not at the fairgrounds because we have no LCP there--it is a “white hole.” If we fill that hole then the Fairgrounds would need to get CDPs from Del Mar.

Another benefit to having LCP provisions for the fairgrounds is that state and federal agencies that have jurisdiction over the fairgrounds can and will refer to a Del Mar LCP in making their own decisions. This would include the Army Corps on wetland issues, and the state and federal Fish and Wildlife Services among others. Now, these agencies look to see what Del Mar’s goals for the area are and see nothing but a blank hole.

So far, I finally got this topic on the city’s work list, but it is currently low priority, meaning it isn’t moving due to the press of higher priority projects. I am pushing to have its priority raised, and am offering to the city to start the work myself, so hopefully we can at least get started on this. It is long overdue.

The hard part will be that developing LCP provisions for the fairgrounds will take a lot of work and time--it is a multiyear project I suspect, There is process to follow, $$ to spend, and no doubt we can expect vigorous opposition from the 22nd DAA. But, if we don’t start, we will never get there, So I’m for starting! I hope to get agreement to up the priority for this project.



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