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City Tree Tending
DM Mayor Sherryl L. Parks

February 1, Carmel Valley Road next to the Del Mar Car Service. Photo Virginia Lawrence.
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Del Mar uses West Coast Arborists to tend our trees. Presently the city has a total of 1408 trees. West Coast Arborists have a computer program which tells us the exact location of each of our trees; the type of tree it is; the height/width of the tree; and the general condition of that tree. We are now able to record the last time the tree had been treated, trimmed or whatever was needed to maintain its health.

The city’s trees are trimmed and monitored on a rotating basis with the village divided into 3 separate areas. Each area gets full treatment and this year the city will tend to the 443 trees on Stratford Court from 15th St. to 4th Streets and the Del Mar North Hill off 15th Street.

The city recently hired Andy Spurlock to consult with us on our 1996-98 Streetscape Plan. He has already met with sub committee representatives from the Parks & Recreation and the Business Support Advisory Committee (TPAC) to update our plan. This group will make sure we use ‘Complete Streets’ planning recommending state of the art best pedestrian and biking opportunities. Spurlock is the firm hired to do our landscape plan for city hall and therefore the design will complement that effort as well.

February 1, Forest Way and Serpentine Drive.
Photo Art Olson

Technology is allowing the city care for our city’s landscaping much more efficiently. On the city’s website are two maps showing the trimming schedules and the dates you can expect to see West Coast Arborists in your neighborhood.
If you want to determine if the tree belongs to the city or is privately owned you could email publicworks@delmar.ca.us . Be sure to give exact address of the particular tree you are wondering about.


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