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Shores in 3D
Ann Gardner | Via Latina

Concept Plan A   Concept Plan B   Concept Plan C
Schmidt Design Group Park Concept Plan A, B, and C. City of Del Mar.

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City Council has requested an intermediary step in the Shores Park design process that would allow more public input on three concept plans presented by consultant Schmidt Design Group to the public for the first time on January 19. It needs more public vetting before we refine any of these options, the Council said. Council asked that “white” 3D models and financial estimates for each concept be available at a public workshop currently scheduled for March 13. “White” 3D models do not include landscaping details but do provide a perspective that would clarify how activities could be placed at the different elevations on the 5.3 acre site that runs east west between Camino del Mar and Stratford Court. In some places the elevation difference is 40 feet.

The main question before the Council was “do the drafts reflect what the community has asked for?” Echoing the Shores Advisory Committee that has been overseeing the community engagement part of the process for the past year, the answer was yes, great job. However, the Council did not want Schmidt Design to refine any of the three concepts further until they got community input on the three alternative plans themselves. One speaker suggested the Council eliminate Concept B which did not seem to separate off-leash dog and flexible play turfs. Joe Sullivan suggested they get financial estimates on each of the concepts “before the 11th hour.” Councilperson Mosier agreed. “We don’t want to get to the end of the process only to dismiss the preferred plan after finding out what the costs would be,” he said.

During his presentation Glenn Schmidt emphasized that all the “first tier amenities” (those activities most frequently cited at data gathering events as most wanted) were included in all three draft plans. Those included open turf for flexible play as well as an off-leash dog area, walking paths and benches for enjoying views, children’s play and indoor space for community activities. The existing community building with additional SF is featured in Concepts A and B while a new 3,000 SF building is in Concept C. Outdoor fitness “nodes” are also featured. Concept plans can be viewed at www.sandpiper.org The Shores Advisory Committee meets every second Wednesday at 8 a.m. at the City Hall Annex building.



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