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El NiÑo Blusters in:
An ill wind that blows nobody any good
Virginia Lawrence | Caminito Del Rocio

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December 24. The sea at 26th Street. 
Photo Bruce McDermott.
January 23. Waves break over the 25th Street Wall.
Photo Robin Crabtree.
January 7. The west lane of Camino Del Mar south of Del Mar Heights Road/4th Street was closed after the torrential rains on the 6th. Lifeguard Mark Rathsom (arrow), rappelled down the bluff to assess the damage done by the storm water rushing through
the culvert. Photo courtesy City of Del Mar.
Taken by Community Services’ drone being driven
at that moment by Mark Rathsam.
January 14. View of repairs to the storm drain under Camino Del Mar seen from the railroad tracks at the bottom of the
Anderson Canyon.
Photo Bill Morris.
January 7. This Eucalyptus tree fell in the alley between 10th and 11th Streets causing a power outage between 9th to 11th Streets, and included City Hall and the Annex.
Photo Nitza Leichtling.



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