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Clever Carpooling
Shannon Hogan Cohen | Luneta Drive

hopIN Founders - Piper Underwood and Kathy Nahum.
Photo Shannon Hogan Cohen.
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If you have ever had the pleasure of driving children from one activity to another you understand carpooling is a necessity for busy parents. Two local mothers, Piper Underwood and Kathy Nahum developed a modern, functional improvement to the traditional carpool system. Enter hopIN, a website and mobile app designed to help your carpools run efficiently. You can easily create a drive schedule, invite your friends and manage your carpools all from one spot.

Two years ago these ambitious women conceptualized hopIN and turned it into reality. Unbeknownst to them, this undertaking would also serve as a life lesson for their children. Piper’s son applauds his mother for “sticking with it” despite all the obstacles the women have had to navigate through.

Encouraging others to decrease their carbon footprint is one of the objectives these innovators had for hopIN. This cleverly designed app tracks not only time and money saved but includes carbon emission savings as well. The awareness of lowering our effects on the environment, reducing the wear and tear on our vehicles, saving money on time, miles and gas sounds great. As the New Year settles in we need to each encourage change by creating good eco-friendly habits in our homes and throughout our community.

I strongly urge you to use and promote this app. Having a soft launch last month to family and friends, they already have over one hundred uploads from the Apple Store. hopIN is a great way to maximize your efficiency, dollars and sanity, while at the same time reducing your emissions, gas usage and frustration. I would encourage parents in our community to start carpool conversations and visit www.hopin.me to begin. There can be immense value in hopIN.

Who knows maybe dinner will be served a wee bit earlier on those hopIN days?



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