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Lounging in the Lagoon
Jeff Barnouw | Amphitheatre Drive

Bench shown in original Lagoon Enhancement Plan.
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On the North bank of the San Dieguito River the South Overflow lot of Fairgrounds parking is being transformed into a more literal overflow lot, not for cars but for the water of the Lagoon. Do we rename it “the North Overflow Lot”? Restoring it to wetlands entails moving an Osprey nest and just over half of the Boardwalk. Dismantling and salvaging the planks that must go (a conjoint volunteer effort of the City and its Lagoon Committee, the San Dieguito River Park and Conservancy) cannot be scheduled before the restoration timetable is set by the 22nd District Agricultural Association. The donor nameplates attached to those planks have already been transferred to planks that were granted amnesty. The City of Del Mar intends to recycle the salvaged planks as part of a further extension of the Del Mar River Path all the way to the mouth of Crest Canyon.

On the South bank of the Lagoon the project is underway to extend the River Path from Jimmy Durante to the Grand Avenue Bridge. Rough grading had to be finished before November 15, and was. The torrential rains of early January set the schedule back, but with permits extended by the Coastal Commission and Fish-and-Wildlife it is still hoped that construction will start in early February and be completed by mid March. Tentatively Lagoon Day will be April 9, combining morning activities for children around the Birdwing and ribbon-cutting ceremonies at 12:30 at the new River Path. After the earth-moving we will have to move in our furniture, benches and picnic tables. The idea of concrete was rejected by the Lagoon Committee, and wood was thought too vulnerable, so Trex or a similar product has been chosen. They will match the recycled Boardwalk planks.



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