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Sinking Feeling
City crews responded to a major bluff erosion problem that undermined Camino Del Mar between Del Mar Heights Road/4th Street and Carmel Valley Road. Fortunately there were no injuries to persons or property. The timeline for final repair is not yet clear. See photos on page 13.

Work is progressing on the Sewer, Water and Arterials Paving (SWAP) project. The contractor is installing a recycled water main pipeline along the eastern limit of Via de la Valle. Grading and forming for the future curb and gutter will continue along the southern shoulder of Via de la Valle.

The project to redevelop the existing City Hall site took a major step forward with unanimous Council approvals after addressing some neighborhood concerns about traffic circulation and special event operations. The approved civic complex will provide new public buildings and amenities, including a 8,722 square foot (SF) City Hall, 3,172 SF Town Hall, 956 SF breezeway, 15,000 SF public plaza, up to 160 parking stalls in a partially below-grade structure and surface lot, landscaping, grading, and associated site improvements. The estimated cost will be $18 million partially paid for with a 30-year bond. Analysis by the Finance Committee and the Finance Department of the city agree that annual bond payments will be less than 50% of the projected cash flows in the city budget.

Noises Off
City Council has requested that staff and the City Attorney work with the 22nd District Agricultural Association (DAA) to address noise concerns related to activities at the Fairgrounds, specifically from the KAABOO event held in September 2015 and from one of the Fall Race Meet concerts in November 2015.

The Settlement Agreement reached in February 2013 between the cities of Del Mar and Solana Beach, the San Dieguito River Park Joint Powers Authority, and the DAA includes provisions related to noise. As an outcome of the Settlement Agreement, the DAA has a noise ordinance in place which sets noise limits for activities and events at the Fairgrounds. There are three noise monitors on the perimeter of the Fairgrounds’ property used to measure noise levels.

The City of Del Mar is working with the DAA to understand the actual noise levels from the KAABOO event and the Fall Race Meet concert to determine if the noise levels were within the allowable limits of the noise ordinance as well as to identify and advocate for solutions to reduce noise impacts in the future.

Boutique Gas
The owners of the garden/gas station site at 10th and CMD are working on a proposed use change, probably a boutique hotel. This would require a Measure B vote because it is in the central commercial district.

Better Beaches
A group of residents in the beach area and beyond has begun to meet to discuss concerns they have along with some suggested solutions for the city to consider. Their initial meeting focused mainly on beach maintenance, law enforcement, parking, trash, and street cleaning.

Short Time Line
The issue of short term-rentals will go before the City Council again for more policy direction before going back to the Planning Commission. Staff is still accepting comments from the community.



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