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EDITORIAL: Our 2016 Resolve

Every new year, some people make resolutions to change their behavior. At the Sandpiper we have the following wishes/resolutions which we expect to be covering this year.

  1. The City Hall project finally gets off the ground (or the ground is broken) with nearby neighborhood interests addressed.
  2. A master plan for the Shores site is finalized in a way that works for all of the various constituencies.
  3. The Ad Hoc Design Review Committee comes up with sensible recommendations to ensure that neighbors can continue to have an impact on new developments in a way that protects the character of Del Mar.
  4. The Del Mar City Election in November 2016 will give the voters a choice concerning the future of Del Mar.
  5. The Watermark project will be finalized while addressing concerns of the neighbors.
  6. The Garden project (at the old gas station site) will be updated and put in front of the voters in November 2016.
  7. The City Council will restrict short-term rentals in residential neighborhoods.
  8. The City Council will address concerns in the beach area.
  9. More elements of the Camino Del Mar StreetScape plan will be implemented in the Central Commercial district.

Of course we could wish that the fairgrounds would stop having gun shows and only have events that are agricultural or horse-related, but that is unlikely to happen. And of course we can wish for world peace.
We hope that everyone in town has a great 2016!!



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