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Gun violence is at epidemic levels in our country. Many are frustrated at the inability of our Congress to enact simple, common sense gun safety measures. California leads the nation in enacting gun laws while not undermining the Second Amendment, and more can be done. Many cities are responding to citizen demands for leaders to take a moral stand and whatever steps can be taken at the local level.

Whether we like it or not, the 22nd Agricultural District will host five gun shows this year at the fairgrounds -- giving Del Mar the unique distinction of selling more firearms per capita than any other city in the state. Is this who we are?
We ask that the Del Mar City Council give voice to our growing concerns about gun safety for our families. We are under no illusion that our small city can solve a society-wide epidemic, but it is time for our community to do our part. We see this as a moral imperative.

Specifically, we urge the Council to take the following steps.

• Add Del Mar’s name to the growing number of cities who have joined “Everytown For Gun Safety”
• Endorse the proposed state ballot initiative “Safety For All Act of 2016” which would strengthen controls on ammunition sales and sharing data on prohibited people with the Federal System. (See full text at:
www.oag.ca.ghov/initiatives/active-measures #15-0098
• Urge the Fair Board to sponsor a public workshop on its sponsorship of the Del Mar Gun Show.
• Urge our state representatives (and those standing for office in November) to support a gun show ban at state run facilities.
Del Mar must take a stand.




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