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Good for the Sole
Shannon Hogan Cohen | Luneta Drive

Rosita Griffin and daughter, Nicole.
Photo Shannon Hogan Cohen.

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If you have not stopped by Lunisol, a new specialty shoe and accessory company on Camino Del Mar, to welcome new merchant Rosita Griffin and her family to the community, put it on your to do list. This hardworking businesswoman and lively mother of three will immediately engage you with a bright smile, and offer suggestions for your wardrobe collection.

Rosita Griffin, founder of Lunisol, got her start in the shoe business at nineteen years old. She came to America from Ecuador in 1991 and quickly learned that footwear is an extension of the individual. This lady with an eye for style has worked on the wholesale side of the shoe industry for many years. Rosita has started and sold multiple brands of high quality leather and fashion forward products to high-end retail outlets such as Fred Segal, Anthropologie, Free People, as well as numerous mail order catalogs.

Family has always been important to Rosita. Her husband Joseph and children have been supportive of her passion for fashion. She proudly named the boutique after her children Lucas, Nicole, and Sol - Lunisol. Her eldest daughter Nicole was involved with opening the store and continues to collaborate with her mother creating product displays. This mother-daughter team cherishes the time they spend running Rosita’s first retail store in America.

Lunisol’s merchandise makes you feel good about yourself. Perusing their wooden display shelves, you can find colorful, sturdy soles in all shapes and sizes. It appears every category of shoe is represented and artistically placed for shoe lovers. Most all of her products originate in Brazil, a country known for their top-quality leather.

It was a challenge to stay on task during my interview with Rosita and Nicole due to the assortment of accoutrements surrounding me. A variety of vibrant handbags, eye-catching scarves and jewelry embellished with semi-precious stones is offered. Another distinctive item for purchase is a traditional, brimmed hat of Ecuadorian origin called the toquilla straw hat. The familiar term in America is a Panama hat. They are individually handmade and come tucked in a unique wooden hat box for storage. Considering we are a beach community, they also offer the Reef brand flip flops for locals and the tourists who come to town.
I was inspired by Rosita and her daughter Nicole. Being a small business owner has unique challenges. Both are driven, disciplined, and able to identify the products people desire. We are fortunate to have the Griffin family occupying this quaint retail space here in Del Mar.

You can find Lunisol nestled between Julie’s Beachwear and Sundancer or online at www.lunisolshoes.com. They are open seven days a week from 11:00am – 6:00pm. Take a peek and browse the specially selected merchandise. Christmas is coming - treat yourself or someone you love!


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