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Garden Artistry
Jill Cary | Luneta Drive

aurie Coughlin’s garden. Photo Jill Cary .

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In my neighborhood lives a jewel of an artistic gardener. She inherited her folks’ gift of innate design, composition, and generous community spirit.

Laurie Coughlin planted a difficult site in the front of their home. There is a huge Torrey Pine and several large Peppermint Willows. It is a north-facing site under trees, and in the shade much of the year. Against all odds, she designed a low maintenance, drought-tolerant scheme with enormous curb appeal. It filled in quickly and is now textured and mature.

Tucked in the planting bed are surprises. Chunky terracotta sewer pipes (unused) add sculptured structure and act as containers. The blooming succulents mimic the color of the terracotta.

Behind the garden fence and out of public view, a variety of succulents are nurtured. They await future projects or are given away to friends and neighbors.
In conjunction with her garden designs, Laurie has a keen eye for using found items as art pieces. She will reuse or recycle castoff items such as tractor seats, incinerators and lobster traps.

A good neighbor makes a great neighborhood.


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