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Halloween Stew:
Cauldron on Crest: Book Signing Party for Three Generations
Rosanne Holliday | Crest Road and Suzi Resnik | Crest Road

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Three generations came together last Wednesday afternoon, October 28th, at Suzi Resnik and Stan Marks’s home on Crest Road to savor “Mean-Witch-Me’s” story of transformation from a selfish meanie to a generous, friendly sharer and to prepare and eat her Halloween Stew.

Local author/educator/grandma Jane Meyers read her delightful, artfully illustrated book to neighborhood attendees and led them in the preparation of the scrumptious meal featured in her book geared to the 3 to 7 year old audience.
Lucy Holliday, age 10, served as the charming hostess greeting guests and supervising crafts activities, assisting in meal preparation and dining and directing the “tape the hat on the witch” activity.

We hope that our experience will encourage readers to nurture intergenerational sharing throughout our vibrant Del Mar community.



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