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Ann Gardner | Via Latina

Last month, the Torrey Pines Community Planning Board (representing Del Mar Heights and Terrace in the City of San Diego’s First District) voted to send a letter to Council President Sherri Lightner and Carmel Valley Planning Board Chair Frisco White requesting installation of the new synchronized traffic light system before the One Paseo construction begins and an Emergency Vehicle/Station west of I-5 during construction. Plans for the New One Paseo project were submitted to San Diego Development Services for review on October 19. The next step will be review by the Carmel Valley Community Planning Board, probably in January since the Board does not usually meet in December.

Shores Park
The Shores (Park) Advisory Committee meets on December 9 to review three different conceptual bubble diagram layouts showing proposed placement and relationships between favored park amenities on the 5.3 acres. The three alternatives were developed by Schmidt Design Group based on input from the many data gathering efforts since early 2015 as well as the layout ideas proposed by the 150 residents who attended the park planning workshop in October. Working with consultants Schmidt Design, the Committee will preview the three layouts and discuss next steps for the Master Plan effort. The layouts are scheduled for review by the City Council on January 18 and will then be conceptually designed further in preparation for a community workshop, likely in March 2016. The Committee meets at 8 a.m. every second Wednesday at the City Hall Annex. Go to www.delmar.ca.us/shorespark to view agendas and get more information on project milestones. The goal is to finalize a master plan design, including costs for construction and ongoing maintenance, by mid-2016.


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