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Sheriff Awaits Verdict
Jim Benedict | Christy Lane

The city contracted with Andersen & Associates to study three elements of public safety issues for our city: 1) A Del Mar Ranger study to be considered in a closed session, 2) Different options to enhance our current Sheriff contract, and finally 3) An update regarding staffing and budgeting to form our own DM Police force.

Numbers 2 and 3 are done and have been reviewed by the sub-committee of the Finance Committee. They will make a report to the whole Finance Committee once the Ranger study is reviewed and integrated. The hope is to have the recommendations by the Finance Committee to City Council in January.

FYI, the Sheriff contract expires in June, 2017 with a 12-month notice if we wish to change. SO, we hope to have recommendations and action items this winter/spring.

If the City Council decides to retain the Sheriff, we hope that any enhanced services will occur as soon as possible – up and running for the spring/summer 2016.



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