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Civic Center Pole Time


Civic Centerj design approved. The Torrey Pine Needle is incorporated into the design. Renderings from the DRB packet for November 18, 2015.

Click on renderings to enlarge.

Civic Center plans near the finish line with positive feedback from the City Council and the Design Review Board. Cost estimates have increased from last year’s top estimate of $16.4 million to $17.8, still within the conservative cash flow recommendations from the Finance Committee. At a Citizen Participation Program (CPP) meeting several nearby neighbors expressed both positive and negative concerns for the designers to work on. The next step is for story poles to be erected so we can all see the dimensions of the proposed structures. On December 16 the project design will be submitted for formal review/approval by the Design Review Board. The City Council is scheduled to consider final approval at its January 4 meeting.

Jeff Barnouw’s reflection on our extended Civic Center planning process here.



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