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EDITORIAL: Unwrap a local story

Holiday shopping patterns have morphed dramatically in the past several years due to online sales. The internet has removed the hassle of crowds, the waiting in line, and, of course, the stress of fighting for that coveted parking spot! However, when purchasing online you miss the hands-on customer service from sales associates and the personalized approach of local business owners. There needs to be an offset between the conveniences of cyber purchases arriving in two days versus the social experience of buying in person.

Online shopping often lacks a story. We should join together with our small business owners and encourage local shopping. Let’s reverse the trend and create a relationship with our local merchants this holiday season. We need to bring personal connection and uniqueness into our gift giving.

Celebrate the amount of time, commitment, and labor these hardworking individuals contribute to make our community both come to life and stay alive. The collection of our small businesses are more than they appear and – quite frankly – these are the stories we need to reveal. There is something special about receiving a gift that embodies the spirit of the source.

It is essential that we support community character and continue creating economic gains in Del Mar throughout the year. Strengthening the camaraderie between residents and small business owners will enhance our social and economic relationships which is needed to keep dollars within 92014. When money is spent locally, community connections are made.

If you are shopping for the person who has EVERYTHING, consider making a donation to a local organization. This involves less transportation, fewer packaging elements, and the ultimate way to reduce environmental impact.
The solution is simple, support small businesses first and make a local donation a priority. A collective investment in our community will become a new holiday tradition and a great story for your loved ones to unwrap.



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