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Park Planning Comes to Play
Kristen Crane, Management Services Director (Shores Park Master Plan Project Manager)

Over 100 would-be park planners came out Sunday, October 18th to the Winston School auditorium to weigh in on preferred character and style for the park amenities and to design a layout for how the future Shores Park might be configured.

Glen Schmidt from Schmidt Design Group, the landscape architecture firm under contract with the City for this project, took the participants on a virtual tour of dozens of parks from around the country through a photo montage slide show, showing many kinds of styles for the different amenities identified as priorities for the park through phase 1 of the master planning process. The tour also included “case study” photo tours of about six parks that have aspects or features that could be similar to what the Del Mar community has expressed they would like to see at Shores Park.

The photo tour showed things like options for shade, seating, and walking paths, as well as the concept of traditional play structures for children versus play elements model the natural environment. Some of the tour photos also showed possibilities related to the existing slope feature of the Shores property. Photos for different types of spaces for dogs (shared use and separate) and open turf play were also shown.

Following the photo tour, participants used green dots to mark photos on visual displays of the same photos, to note their style preference for the different amenities envisioned for possible inclusion in the park.

During the second part of the workshop, participants worked in 13 small groups using a site plan, pens, papers, string, blocks, and cut-outs for the potential park amenities to develop an idea for how to layout the park. All of the groups then shared the main themes of their layout idea with all of the attendees.
Using the ideas and input from the community to date, Schmidt Design Group’s next step will be to develop three design alternatives for the community to consider.

In the coming months, as the master plan process continues, one of the important steps will be to evaluate the potential costs for the design alternatives – not only for the initial construction, but also for the ongoing operations and maintenance, in order that this can be incorporated into the decision-making process. The goal is to finalize a master plan design for the park by mid-2016.
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