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Kudos for the Kommittee
Development Review Committee October 6
Dwight Worden | Council Member


In the first of a series of special workshop sessions of the DRB Development Review Committee, committee members, architects, planners, builders and others with experience designing homes, building and remodeling in Del Mar, and representing applicants before the DRB were invited to give their thoughts and perspectives. Speakers included: Harvey Furgatch (builder and beach front resident), Bob Scott (planner/applicant representative), Lori Fisher (Architect/ prior DRB ex-officio member), Don Countryman (architect), Brian Church (architect), Lou Dominy (architect) Howard Gad (Heritage West Development Co.).

Comments presented by the speakers and many questions from committee members resulted in a productive two hour dialogue. The meeting was also attended by several community members and audio recorded as an experiment by myself. The audio quality is good and a disc has been delivered to city staff with a recommendation that it be placed on the website so the public can listen.

No actions were taken by the committee other than thanking the participants for their comments and impressions. My personal impressions and not necessarily the views of the council or the committee: This was a great meeting. The speakers were very experienced and very well prepared. Many valuable insights and suggestions were offered to potentially improve the DRB rules and process. The committee and audience were polite and listened carefully, with committee members asking many questions of each speaker. Because the meeting was so productive and because the committee wanted to fully hear out all the speakers, it was extended an extra half hour. The format of the meeting seemed to work well—speaker presentations followed by questions and interactive dialogue.


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