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Most of us have made a deliberate decision to live in this community. For some it is the beach, maybe the schools, maybe proximity to a major scientific research community, maybe access to a top university, maybe the rich cultural choices of San Diego.

We believe most of us are attracted to the unique small town character of Del Mar that is ultimately like no other place in the world.

In many ways Del Mar is isolated from the rest of the world as it is surrounded by two lagoons, Crest Canyon and the ocean. Del Mar has winding tree-lined streets on its hills and has a large wide-open beach from one end of our city to the other end. Del Mar has an ocean bluff for walking and an undeveloped canyon. Residents of Del Mar have quick access to all sorts of shopping experiences and the closest international airport is less than half hour away. The houses in Del Mar are unique and have more character than the planned communities of Carmel Valley. Del Mar for many is a refuge from the hub-bub of modern life. We all picked Del Mar to be part of this uniqueness.

Many people assume that the special qualities of Del Mar will continue, but in fact, on numerous occasions in the past, citizens had to push back hard to fend off major changes; while in other instances, we have seen many individually small changes that collectively have eroded those special qualities. It is important to remember the proposal to put the freeway along the bluffs, with seawalls, a restaurant row instead of Powerhouse Park & Community Center; condos in Crest Canyon, Anderson Canyon, and on the north bluffs, and many other examples.

More recently there is growing concern that Del Mar’s hard-earned character is being exploited as a business opportunity by absentee investors and speculative developers.

We want to make it clear that the Sandpiper’s core mission is to defend the vision expressed so eloquently in our Community Plan, including the citizen participation process that invigorates our community. Included in that mission is to invite alternate points of view to promote constructive civic discourse about many issues that help define our unique community.


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