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Occupy Shores Park
Ann Gardner | Via Latina

Board game lets participants place activities
on Shores Park site plan. Photo Schmidt Design Group.
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Planning for the Shores Park will move into its design phase on Sunday, October 18 when residents will be asked to fit cut-outs of community-preferred activities on a site plan of the 5.3 acre property. The event will be held on-site at the Winston School Auditorium from 2-4 p.m. with break out work areas in the breezeway and in class rooms. The workshop will provide residents with an opportunity to work together with consultant Schmidt Design toward a final Park Master Plan expected to be completed in late 2016.

Preferred activities were identified by the community earlier this year through numerous surveys, interest group meetings and on-site park events. Residents are encouraged to go to www.delmar.ca.us/shorespark to review the results of this “discovery” phase which also identifies guiding principles and prioritizes a list of possible activities, or in the report’s jargon, “amenities.” For instance open turf for flexible play is listed as a “Tier One amenity.” Seating, shade, indoor community recreation, walking paths, off-leash grassy areas and gardens are also on the Tier One list.

On the 18th residents will first help the Design team identify how they would like a preferred amenity to look by selecting what they like best from a board of photo samples. Next, participants will work at small group tables to place cut outs of specific activities, for instance a picnic area or a sandbox, on the park’s site plan. At the September Shores Advisory Committee (SAC) meeting members were given red Lego blocks to represent indoor community recreation. The site plan includes the existing Winston School buildings and the Community Center which has a short term lease with the City. While the fate of the existing building is up in the air, minutes from the July 6 City Council meeting read, “Council provided staff with direction to incorporate indoor recreational programming space and offices for the community organizations operating those programs into the Del Mar Shores Park Master Plan.” The existing Winston School buildings on 1.8 acres of the site plan are covered by a 50 plus year lease that includes non-exclusive use of the parking area and athletic field during school hours.

The two hours promise to be a creative, hands on event that will move the community further toward a neighborhood park that aims to integrate the needs of the Winston School, offer recreational opportunities for all ages and reflect the unique character of Del Mar.


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