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Locavores’ Delight:
Squash Season
Leslie Robson | Lois Lane

John Hudson of Shaner farms. Photo Leslie Robson.
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Joining the summer squash at the Del Mar Farmers’ Market, fall and winter squash have started to arrive. With hard shells and long shelf life, great variety, and multiple uses, these sculptural beauties are truly a sign that the seasons are changing. Squash possess all the virtues one could ask for in produce: low fat, high fiber, low glycemic load, high in minerals and vitamin A and C. Protecting eyes, lungs, heart and brain, these winter squash truly fit the definition of a “super” food.

When you take a winter squash home from the Farmers’ Market, let it adorn your kitchen as decor until you decide how to use it. These versatile squash can be served savory or sweet, steamed, sautéed, mashed, roasted or microwaved. Try them as soup, stir fried, tossed on a salad, or in desserts. You can find the popular Butternut and its cousin, the Tahitian. Or the green Acorn or Kabocha. Or the beautiful Hubbard, Delicata or unique Spaghetti squash. Also, remember that most pumpkins fall into this gorgeous group.

Find a variety of winter squash now and in the coming months at Schaner Farms, Ray’s Subtropical and at our newest produce vendor, Good Taste Farm. Annie, the egg lady, will have spectacular heirloom Cinderella pumpkins, soon, as well. Join the fun and shop these vendors and many more at the Del Mar Farmers Market every Saturday at the City Hall parking lot from 1:00-4:00.


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