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Cop Options
Study ready to go to Council in November
Jim Benedict | Christy Lane

The Sheriff Contract subcommittee of the Finance Committee will suggest that the two studies contracted by the city to evaluate alternatives to our current sheriff contract will go to the City Council on November 16th.

Options that will be reviewed include 1) continuing with the existing Sheriff contract, 2) adding additional services to the existing sheriff contract to increase response times, 3) adding additional City staffing to increase public safety response times, and 4) Forming our own police dept.

The timing is good, for the 5 year sheriff contract expires on July 1, 2017. We need to give a 12 month notice to opt out of this contract.

The finance committee will review the options at their Oct. 27 meeting. The consultant will make their presentation at that meeting as well. The community is encouraged to attend and comment.


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